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Have a question or feedback? Get in touch! There is nothing we like better than hearing from you. Whether you want to let us know that you absolutely love our products or if you have constructive feedback, we are all ears!  Call us or send us a brief email.

Also, please feel free to send us photos of you wearing our products for those special occasions, we would love to see them and may be featured on our website as well as social media accounts! #kidswithbenefitskwb, instagram:kidswithbenefitskwb, and twitter:@KIDSwBENEFITS

Email us at You may also leave us a message at 1-901-205-9047 and some one will address your questions and concerns within 24hrs.

Thank you for your purchase and support because you are helping someone in need. 

Each purchase made, a portion of sales goes toward funding KIDS with BENEFITS' charitable organization which is I Want to Help. Proceeds fund things such as literacy, clothing, food and more for those in need. You may also donate if you wish!