About US

Our story started many years ago when two people in love decided to start a family. From 1 to 2, then soon it was 5, we grew stronger as the years flew by. Our family, which was founded on love, took nothing for granted. We took every one of life's small and big moments to enjoy and appreciate one another to the fullest.

It was from this appreciation after a casual day at the park with the family that our daughters coined the term, "Kids with Benefits". Unbeknownst to us at the time, their term would spark an idea so great down the line that it would reach people all around the world!

So, what exactly is a Kid with Benefits? To them, being a kid with benefits means having all of those things that a family provides- love, shelter, clothing, food, and care. All kids are with benefits no matter the age because someone, somewhere at some point, provided those necessities from a place of love. To us, this was a profound thought, so much so that we decided to start an apparel, accessories, and candle brand reflecting this very feeling!

All people of all ages are Kids with Benefits because to the ones that love or have loved us, we never really grow out of that part. Fortunate love that has been received over the course of a life time as well as given; whether it comes from our parents, grandparents, guardians, adoptive parents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers, or foster parents, stays with us for years to come. To reflect this love, they made sure that the things they provided, from clothing, food, money, cars, toys, tuition and so much more, were of quality that was meant to last.