Community/Ethical Production and Inclusivity


Every member of the community we live in matter to us. With that said, we realize that people's needs vary depending on different factors. We constantly strive to be equitable, equal, and fair to the sensitivities of different members of our community through our work and products.

Commitment to the Environment

Statistics show that in North America alone, more than 85% of clothing and textiles end up in our landfills, contributing to our growing environmental sustainability concern (EPA 2020).  At KIDS with BENEFITS, we hold environmental sustainability to a high regard and strive to contribute to sustainability efforts. We do this primarily in three ways:

  1. We create and purchase products that are meant to last so that their is no need to replace frequently, delaying how soon they potentially reach landfills.
  2. The materials we and our vendors use are easily recyclable so that they do not need to contribute to waste.
  3. We also highly recommend that each community of different countries should normalize donating to charitable organizations that accept things to help those in need. 

Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint so that the world as we know it can pass on to many generations in a continuing, beautiful form. We take pride in our world and will take proper measures to show it!

Ethical Production and Inclusivity

We care about our community and want to represent all members within it. For this reason, we want to ensure that our products are ethically produced, affordable, and accessible so that everyone can benefit from and enjoy them.

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